söndag 22 september 2013

Christmas Rose Hat

Yesterday I started a project for myself called Christmas Rose Hat by Ravelry designer Linda Irving-Bell, a beret with a flower and snowflake pattern. In this picture I have barely started knitting the rim, and sorry about the picture quality - I only have one desk lamp in my office - I promise there will be a better picture as soon as it is finished! For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to make a beret for myself for this winter. With that said, I have never been a huge fan of them, so the fact that I felt I needed one instead of my slouchy, black-and-neon-green beanie from last winter is odd. (On the other hand, people may not think that I am a teenager anymore if I stop wearing a beanie. I am 25... I do not take it as a compliment when people say I look younger). Anyway, I was browsing ravelry for berets and I found this pattern. It looked a little challenging when it came to a couple of stitch types, but other than that it looked as if I would have no problem at all knitting this piece. I am not a very experienced knitter, I have mostly done the basic/intermediate k, p, k2tog, ssk, and so on, but I have never been remotely close to cable knitting or those levels... So the fact that this pattern requires some cable-style transfers back and forth is great! Moving one stitch is not very hard, and it gave me practise with my cable needle. I will probably have finished the beret by tomorrow evening, I am looking forward to it!

  • Yarn: 2 skeins of Drops Nepal 
    • 65% wool, 35% Alpaca
    • 50 g / ~75 m (82 y)
    • 17 st * 22 rows on needle 5
    • Colour nr. 8309
  • Needles: Knit Pro Symphony, 4.5 mm

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