måndag 6 oktober 2014

Well, unplanned blogg hiatus

Hi readers! (If I acctually have any reappearing ones, I don't know - tell me in the comments if you subscribe)

I fell into a depression this spring, and up until now I've been struggling. Now I have drugs that work and two psychiatrists that are awesome and super competent so I'm on the right track.

I've been using the DIYfish MTN inserts this summer/early fall and I completely love them! The MTN, for me, feels more relaxed and less stressful than a Filofax - it's more minimalist, it's "cleaner" and I don't feel disappointed when there are scratches and spots on it. So awesome. It works very well with my cognitive behavioural therapy as well since there are checklists and serveral different views so I can get a very nice overview. Cognitive behavioural therapy when used for depression is about activation and baby steps, so I track when I do normal things that are not done when I'm in a depressive state - like doing the dishes, getting up, go outside etc. - as well as my medicine intake.

Next week I'll start a chemistry and a calculus course. I wasn't happy with my education, I had no motivation and didn't feel any connection at all with my programme, so I'm rebooting. I'll do something that I love, for real, and not only feel is doable. Next term I'll take another maths course and a physics course, and next fall I'm torn between either start a molecular biology programme or a digital security/forensics programme. We'll see :)

When it comes to knitting, I've begun two projects, one is a secret gift project which is truly awesome and one is a kraken cowl. The secret project is a birthday gift for my room mate who is currently abroad so I fortunately don't have to sneak around with it. It is also the first pattern that I modify so we'll see how that works out. The kraken cowl is a double knitted one in cascade 220, it's going to be so warm! I really like the pattern and the cascade yarns are of course so awesome. It's black and turqouse, the colour name is pacific (heathers-range).

I'm thinking about posting twice a week, one post on planners and my MTN and one about my knitting. We'll see :)