lördag 12 oktober 2013


I just received an invitation to celebrate J's cousin's son's second birthday! (Wow, that is a lot of genitive S:s... So much sss). Panic. No birthday present. And no holiday gift either. Ouch. So where do you turn? To Ravelry of course!
I will get some yarn on Monday and start this hat as well as these mittens for the birthday party. I can make those in two weeks, no problem! Right! Right? Please tell me I can! *panic!*
For Christmas though, I will make this sweater. A little more time, hopefully I can finish it.
I am going to bed now.

Quick recap of the week

Oh gosh, this week has been terrible. I was afflicted by a cold from HELL! (Yes, the logic works. Read the Divine comedy if you do not believe me ;) ) I still have a few symptoms and it is my tenth day ill. Sucks. This means that I am behind on my studying, which is never a good thing, but it is a really interesting course (history of the Swedish language) so thankfully it does not matter that much because I will not have a problem with studying a couple of hours extra per day to catch up.
I did go to Uni this Thursday because I had an exam that day. Or so I thought. Turned out that I had written the wrong date in my calendar, the exam was actually on Wednesday... That kinda sucked too. You know, had it been written down on Tuesday it would just be funny, now I will have to wait a month to do the exam. I can say that I am extremely thankful for the Swedish universities' system, if you fail you can always take the test again (and if you write it up to two years after the course, you can still use the old literature).
Knittingwise I have started a pair of socks for S which she will get for Christmas. I use Järbo Raggi Multi which is a woolen blend yarn in a purple/grey/black/white colour mix. I like knitting with it, it is a little rough but it gives just the right amount of friction on the needles for me to be able to watch TV at the same time. The pattern (see link) is an awesome pattern, I have a pair of my own which I love. I have designated the living room sofa for this project - I felt since I have carpal tunnel syndrome that I need to have a few projects of different methods to switch between (I also have a crocheting project, a skull shawl for my cousin, to work with "on the go").
My boyfriend J is a very practical man and have an extreme love for hardware and tools of different sorts, unfortunately, he is organizationally challenged. I have, over the years we have lived together, bought him plenty of tool cases and alike to give him the resources he needs to not have all the tools in the living room. Finally he got the hint and managed to have one case extra. I stole it. It now holds knitting tools. :3
In that yellow tube I have all my aluminium jumper needles. I inherited most of them from J's grandmother who passed away. I got a whole moving box of yarn as well, but sadly I found fur beetle larvae in the bottom so we burnt it all. I did not even want to try to keep some of the yarn after that because I have a lot of woolen LARP-clothes that I do not want to be afflicted by those yucky animals (most of the yarn was acrylic though so I did not regret it that much, not a huge fan of acrylic). In the black pen case I hold my Knitpro (is it the same company as Knitpicks? It's the European version anyway..) interchangeable circular needles, cable needles, crocheting hooks, needle size/ruler/stitchmeasure-thingamabob etcetera.

Underneath the grey lift-out part, I have my stash. Not very much, but it keeps my knitting-need in check. I will probably not buy any yarn until new years when I will start (two, lol) afghan-projects. I will make a birthday present for S (by the way, my bestest friendsis in the whole world :3 ) and one for myself. I am going to use this pattern because we both love Harry Potter. Very much. Oh so much. Love. (Did I say I love Harry Potter?).
My Filofax has been an issue for me for a couple of weeks. I use Dodopad's Acadpad in personal size in my personal spring green Chameleon. Love the Dodo-designs, but... It doesn't give me enough room in the right places. Sort of buying an off-the-rack suit. I thought that I did not have to have that much space for the days, and more for the week, but it turns out that I was a little mistaken. Right now, and a month ahead, I would have done well with a day per page insert, preferably an Franklin Covey type. I think I will roll with the Acadpad until the academic year is up and use my Paperblank notebook/journal to help out when it it too crowded in the Filo. I've been thinking about having a to-do section as well, as a master list or something, but I am a little scared about it... Tried it before and it did not really work... I do not know. I may try it again just because I have to.
During the upcoming week I will have a couple of detailed posts on my current projects as well as a round up post for my beret. (love it!). I will also have a post which will hopefully be featured in Husmorsskolans "symöte", a collection of Swedish blogposts on the bloggers' current projects. We will see if I can make that happen, in that case, that post will be in Swedish.
Have a beautiful weekend everyone!