tisdag 24 september 2013

Christmas Rose Hat #2

I finished the beret yesterday, and I am quite pleased with it, with the exception of two things which I am still pondering about... First of all, the ribbing. I just think it's too loose. If I have my hair down, it looks semi-ok, but if I have my hair up it feels like it will be a saggy mess! I have already bound it off, but I think I will rip up the ribbing and downsize half a mm, (or maybe a whole?) to 4 to get it a lottle tighter. Second, I noticed that I knitted instead of purled a part of a row. It is right of the middle of the beret, but it is not very noticeable so I consider leaving it. And honesly, I really cannot be arsed to start all over again :D

While we are on the topic of correcting mistakes, I were knitting a sweater last december, but I felt the arms were just too wide! It is not alot, maybe one, one and a half centimeter too wide, but still.. And the ribbing at the ends of the arms were too loose as well... Mental note, downsize more than the pattern say!

I have not blocked any of them yet, will that fix the looseness somehow?

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