söndag 2 mars 2014

Ooops! Accidental gifts!

Since I am a master of procrastination, I just had to browse Etsy for some knitting related things. I found a seller, Crimson Orchid Designs, who makes stitch markers and row counting bracelets, and they are wonderful! I could not help myself, I just had to buy some - the worst part is that I have to wait about two weeks or so for them, since she is located in Canada...
(I am a bad blogger and did not ask for permission to share her pictures, all credits go to Crimson Orchid Designs.. I hope I got some karma back since I took the liberty to "watermark" them...)

This is a row counting bracelet, and I bought it for myself. I love the colour combination. I would also love a green and black version with a very neon-y green. I do not know yet how they are supposed to work, but I think one of the colours represent single digits and the other tens, and you slip that ring, farthest to the left, over the beads as you knit. It says you can count up to 99 with it, so... Probably? We will see. (Unfortunately, for everyone jealous out there, I got the last one, but the other bracelets she have are beautiful as well, go and have a look!)

These stitch markers are also for myself, I am a big Harry Potter-fan -the whole idea of the deathly hallows is marvelous and I love house Ravenclaw. Crimson Orchid was very kind and did, not only, change the charm to a silver one by request, she will also change the wire on the markers to silver as well! Yay :3 I did not even think of that when I ordered it, but she tossed me an email asking if I would like that. I mean. Of course. Silver is awesome.

This is a whole set of stitch markers of different sizes and a matching counter-bracelet. I will give this to my mother for a late birthday present. She very much loves turquoise and other ocean blue nuances, as well as browns and brass or copper colours so these will fit her perfectly! She loves knitting just as much as I do and has spoiled me with awesome, hand dyed yarn the last couple of weeks so this is the least I can do :) The beads are airbrushed and I got the last of them! Crimson Orchid Designs has more sets of varying colours that are great as well.

What do you buy when you just got your paycheck and need to procrastinate serious business? Comments below are appreciated :D

Disclaimer: I paid for these products out of my own pocket and they make me happy. I did not receive any compensation for writing this post. I am not that popular of a blogger yet, lol.

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